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Glass Bond Epoxy


glass Bond epoxy-icON

Glass-bond epoxy is a type of synthetic resin floor system. It is a form of protection and decoration. and water cleanable solid epoxy mortar and non sagging system for joint filling of tiles and stone. This kind of joint filling requires high strength. Part A: Resin; Part B: Hardner; Part C: art B: Hardner; Part C: Pigment.

  • Can be used as anti-bacterial, antifungal property in kitchen.

  • Decorative purpose in swimming pools, malls, bungalows, factory, etc

  • Use as mortar and grout filling where extremely high strength is required.

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Vitrified tiles
  • Stone
Coverage Colour Packing Size
As per chart
Part A - Crystal Transparent, Part B - Crystal Transparent, Part C - pigmented.
0.500 KG
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