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GREY 506

Santec Bond Extra Grey is a versatile adhesive suitable for a wide range of flooring & wall installations, including natural & engineered stone, precast terrazzo, glass mosaic tiles, & semi-vitreous tiles. Its excellent underwater shear bond makes it ideal for wet areas like swimming pools, saunas, & washrooms. It can also be used as a slurry bond adhesive in wet-on-wet & tile-on-tile applications. Suitable for interior & exterior floors & walls.

  • Suitable for various tiles, marble granite & other stones

  • Suitable for various substrate

  • Ideal for big size slabs.

  • Concrete

  • Cement mortar beds

  • Ceramic tile and stone

Coverage Colour Packing Size
3 mm Bed - 55 to 60 SQ FT
20 KG
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